Strategies for Beginner Ballroom Dancers

Ballroom dancing is an excellent way for adults to exercise, socialize, and express themselves. Arthur Murray Dance Studio in North Hampton offers beginner through advanced-level dance classes for adults so anyone can get moving. While we provide all the instruction you’ll need, there are a few strategies you can use on your own to get started on the right foot.

man and woman dancing in a dancing class


Practice, practice, practice! Repetition is key to gaining the muscle memory needed to develop skills in ballroom dance lessons. You’ll often hear your instructor tell you to practice some footwork or specific moves. Practicing on your own between classes can help you advance even faster.

man and woman dancing

Look For Patterns

Learning a long string of steps can be overwhelming, but most dance styles use repetitive patterns in the steps. Looking for these can help you pick up on new choreography more easily. When you dance with a partner, having some patterns down may help you with fluidity because you’ll know what comes next.

man and woman dancing in dancing class

Find The Right Class For You

Arthur Murray Dance Studio offers a variety of styles and levels. We want our students to feel comfortable in their classes. We encourage students to try new things and find what fits, so try a couple of classes before settling on your preferred instructor and style.

man and woman dancing in dancing class

Be An Active Participant

We encourage students to take an active role in their classes by asking questions and staying engaged throughout the lesson. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes — that is all part of the learning process!

At Arthur Murray Dance Studio in North Hampton, we are passionate about helping beginner dancers get the most out of their lessons. Our instructors are more than happy to answer your questions and give you tips to improve. You can start your ballroom dancing journey today with a free first lesson!

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