Popular Ballroom Dancing Styles from Around the World

People all over the globe enjoy ballroom dancing. Since music differs from region to region, different dance styles have developed worldwide. Arthur Murray Dance Studio Seacoast loves exploring different ballroom styles and learning the culture and history behind each one. Here is our guide to six popular dance styles and their main characteristics.



The Waltz originated in Austria and has become a staple of ballroom dancing. Classical music with a 3/4 time signature is the main characteristic of Waltz music.



Tango is a passionate and intense dance style that originated in Argentina. It uses various music styles, including traditional Argentine tango music, pop music, and even electronic music. Sharp, staccato movements characterize it.



The Foxtrot is a long, sweeping, smooth, and graceful dance style that originated in the United States. It is often danced to big band music and other swing-era music.


Cha Cha

Cha-cha is a fun and energetic dance style that originated in Cuba in the 1950s. Latin music, including salsa and mambo, is played for this style.



The Rumba is a romantic and sensual dance style that also originated in Cuba. It uses a variety of music styles, including traditional Rumba, pop, and even classical music.



The Samba is a lively and upbeat dance style that originated in Brazil. It is characterized by fast, rhythmic movements and uses traditional samba music and other Latin and pop music styles.

With so many styles out there, how can you choose which one to learn? Luckily, the adult ballroom dance programs at Arthur Murray Dance Studio Seacoast explore a sample of styles so you can try out what you like. Contact us to book your first lesson for free and explore one of these vibrant and fun dance styles today!

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