How to Choose the Right Ballroom Dance Shoes

At Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we love introducing beginners to the beauty and grace of ballroom dance. When students sign up for their free first lesson, one of the most frequently asked questions is, "What kind of shoes should I get?" We always recommend choosing comfortable shoes, but there are a few other factors to consider.

women's shoes

Consider The Occasion

People often take ballroom dance lessons to prepare for a performance at an event like a wedding. Feel free to bring your wedding shoes into your class; your instructor can help determine whether these will be appropriate for dancing. In some cases, they may recommend having separate shoes for dancing.

men's shoes

Men's Shoes

For men's dancing shoes, we recommend the first pair be a regular, non-patent leather shoe with a standard heel. The shoe mustn't slip off while dancing, so ensure it fits properly.

women's shoes

Women's Shoes

For women's shoes, heel height is an essential factor to consider, as the higher the heel is, the harder it can be to dance. At Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we recommend heels no higher than two and a half inches. Heels are not required, and flats are a perfectly acceptable option if they are more comfortable for you.

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Comfort is Key

The main factor to remember when choosing a ballroom shoe is comfort. Ballroom dancing can be challenging, and adding uncomfortable shoes can make it even harder. If you are just starting, you can wear any shoes for your first few lessons as long as they stay on your feet — so feel free to come in sneakers to get moving comfortably.

Comfortable, well-fitted shoes can make a big difference when learning ballroom dancing. If you have questions about ballroom shoes or dance classes for adults, feel free to contact Arthur Murray Dance Studio. We would be happy to help you with everything you need to get out on the dance floor.

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